Lookout Launches “Theftie” Alert to Thwart Smartphone Thieves

Smartphone thieves beware! Lookout has introduced a new feature on its popular Android and iOS security app which sends an email to the owner of the device when suspicious activity is detected. The activities include entering the wrong password too many times in a row or uninstalling the security app. The new feature even takes a photo of the person fiddling with the device using the front facing camera and sends the photo along with the location to the owners email.


The new “theftie” feature is triggered when the following conditions are met

  • Trying to access the phone by entering an incorrect password
  • Removing the SIM card
  • Turning on the Airplane mode
  • Turning off the phone
  • Remove Lookout as  device administrator

When any of the conditions are met the device immediately snaps a photo using the front facing camera then records the location of the device. The owner of the device will then immediately receive an email with the photo and location information of the device. In most cases this is already enough information for law enforcement personnel to act on the matter.

Lookout may be a free security app however this new Theft Alert feature requires a subscription. New Android subscribers will have to shell out $2.99 a month or $29.99 a year. Those that have the app already installed in their devices will have free access to this feature until September.

The free features of this security app include

  • Security and Anti-virus protection: Protects against all forms of malware
  • Find My Phone: Locate your device on a map and make it sound an alarm even if it is placed in silent mode.
  • Backup & Download: Save a copy of Google contacts and download the information to your computer

The premium features of this security app include

  • Theftie Alert
  • Safe Browsing: Blocks dangerous URLS
  • Privacy Advisor: Checks what personal information your installed apps are accessing
  • Lock & Wipe: Ability to remotely lock the device, post a custom message on its display, and erase all data
  • Photo & Call History Backup

via cnet