LookOut Introduces New Safe Browsing Feature As Part of LookOut Premium

If you’ve been reading Thedroidguy and other great tech sites religiously than you know that Android malware is on the rise. As Android becomes more and more popular users become more susceptible to risk.  Programs like LookOut mobile security are there to protect your phone from unknown predators.

LookOut isn’t just virus protection it’s a full suite of useful programs that keeps your phone running in tip top shape.  In addition to scanning all incoming apps and downloads LookOut also backs up your data, keeps you protected from the latest malware and even has a find your phone function that has been used successfully in many use scenarios.

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LookOuts newest innovation is Safe Browsing. Safe Browsing automatically checks every url a user visits to make sure that url isn’t phishing personal data or installing malware to your phone.  According to LookOut mobile phone users are three times as likely to possibly click a malicious link or visit a phishing website because of the smaller screen. On a full sized PC or laptop screen the user can see the whole link and most users know at least some of the warning signs associated with malicious sites.

LookOut’s Safe Browsing takes that worry off your plate by scanning the URL’s for you.

“With new devices and quickly evolving 4G networks, it is even easier for people to use their mobile devices to stay connected while on the go, but consumers need to have the confidence to safely surf the Web,” said John Hering, CEO and founder, Lookout Mobile Security. “Safe Browsing leverages our global threat detection network that already protects millions of users from malicious applications. By extending protection with Safe Browsing, mobile consumers can feel safe surfing the web, accessing email and entering other personal information on their mobile device.”

With this release LookOut has also announced a partnership with Sprint, the nations third largest carrier and  a huge Android partner.  Sprint will offer LookOut premium in the Sprint Zone as well as the Sprint tab in the Android market.  This partnership creates an endorsement from a carrier customers trust.

Upgrading to LookOut premium costs $29.99 per year however with this special code from your friends at LookOut and Thedroidguy you can save $5. This $25 investment could save your phone from costly repairs and protect your identity as well.  The code is SURFSAFEAD

Source: LookOut