Looking For A Fun Game? Try Ninja Guy For Android

Immunity studios have brought their randomly hilarious ninja game to the Android platform, appropriately named “Ninja Guy”.

Ninja Guy 1.2 for Android is a non stop action adventure. You are a witty, arrogant ninja in this 3D adventure game. As Ninja Guy you will use your endless ninja wit and skill to take on a swarm of enemy ninjas and of course big bosses.

The folks at Immunity have spent as much time in developing the skill and action ninja play as they did with developing the personalities, vocabulary and wit of the ninja characters.  Each ninja character has their own personality with over the top delivery of their humorous lines.

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Ninja Guy features two types of game play, arena play for traditional fighting and a story mode. In story mode you take your ninja guy on an episodic adventure campaign.

“His Ninjaness is too mighty, his wit is faster than his blade, his arrogance knows no bounds, his story is destined for legend, and his legacy is yours!” stated Mel Georgiou of Immunity Studios. ”
You control NinjaGuy on his epic journey. Do you have what it takes to earn your Ninjaness?”

Here are some of the features of Ninja Guy:

* NinjaGuy captivates the player with his simple, charismatic, and arrogant humour
* Swipe to throw Ninja Stars with the Innovative Screen-To-Space Shuriken Engine
* Superb 3D graphics and animation along with in game cut scenes
* Left hand and right hand controls for movement and action
* Integrated Twitter and Facebook connectivity

Ninja Guy will set you back $1.00 but it’s worth it. Here’s the market link.