Logitech shows off eight new gaming related products

Logitech G700s Gaming Mouse

Logitech manufactures really good gaming devices, or accessories. Almost all of the gaming gears I have are from Logitech, and you cannot say that these are not professional grade, because they are. And to widen the product range, the company has just announced eight new products, which include four new mice, two new keyboards, and two new headsets, and that is a wide range for sure. The company says that before starting with the design of these products, the company claims to have “studied the interaction between hand and device during game play.” Not just that, but the company has enhanced the devices with fingerprint-resistant coatings, hydrophobic materials, and durable switches.

These devices, from the description, have been built very carefully to meet the needs of every kind of gamer. For a professional playing a role playing game or a first person shooter, the delay between the click of a mouse button and the action taken in the game is very important, and it has to be low. And wireless mice usually give a lag in this. But this new G-series of gaming mice from the company give no such lag, and there is microUSB cable provided which you can use to plug your mouse to your computer when your battery starts to run out, and the mouse will be detected without any hassles. And there are programmable buttons as well for macros.

There are programmable keys on the keyboards as well with backlight and LCD displays. You can even customize the backlighting on the LCD display. Each profile will get its own backlight. The keyboard also features anti-ghosting technology for multiple complex actions on the keyboard. And two high speed USB 2.0 ports can charge devices as well.

The headsets are just a pleasure to use with very soft washable cups and Dolby Headphone technology and 7.1 surround sound technology, you get a 360 degree sound field. These are just awesome and if you are dedicated gamer, you need to try these.

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Source: Electronista