Logic Instrument Launches Rugged Android Devices

Logic Instrument, a French military grade device maker, is aiming to expand its Android mobile device products with the help of Archos. Just recently Archos bought almost half of Logic Instrument which is the reason why both companies are working together.


Archos CEO Loic Poirier said that they partnered with Logic Instrument to bring cost effective yet rugged tablets and smartphones to the enterprise market in what he says is a consumer to business initiative (C2B). “It was a perfect partnership to extend the range and to bring all our products to the enterprise and create C2B – which is really important. C2B means: ‘why shouldn’t the employee benefit from the latest technology, such as full HD, NFC?’ Because today, if you look at the professional world, many of the products are dual-core and old.”

Logic Instrument will be releasing products on two sectors namely the industry and defense division and the enterprise division.

Industry and Defense Division

The company already has 15 products in this division which comprises of rugged mobile devices that are built to withstand the harshest environmental conditions.

A tablet and a smartphone is being planned for release in this division.

The Fieldbook E1 is a rugged tablet that that is able to survive harsh environments and extreme conditions. It has a 10.1 inch display that uses the FieldView Pro technology. It has an IP56 certification which means it is able to survive drops up to 6 feet and is able to resist dust and water. It also has a MIL-STD810G certification which means it has been tested to resist shock vibrations and is able to operate normally within the temperature range of 4 to 140°F.

The Fieldbook H1 is a rugged smartphone that uses a tempered glass screen and a rubber case making it able to survive drops from high levels. It sports a 3500mAh battery which gives the device 2 days of full use.

Enterprise Division

The company will be offering new mobile products in this division which includes

  • Logic 101 XS2: Android tablet with a detachable magnetic coverboard that functions as a full keyboard
  • Logic Helium 4G: A 4G device with a 5-inch HD IPS display using a 1.2 GHz quad-core CPU

Poirier further added that “Before June 2014 we will be unveiling this new network of distributors and resellers. This organization is structured to fulfill the needs of businesses looking for mobility solutions with a complete hardware and software ecosystem.”

via theinquirer