Live From Disrupt: Battlefield Session 3, Disrupting Commerce


Sneakpeeq makes online shopping a social experience.  When a users “peeqs” at an item, it actually drops the price of the shopping item.  By looking at your friends “peeqs” you are able to use “game mechanics” to help identify which items you might buy.  Tying in to Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites will open the interaction between the user and their friends.

Announcement: 100+ Brand partnerships, 1M+ peeqs  With this you can get


Style seat allows hairstylists and hairdressers to have an online presence.  StyleSeat will, beginning today, offer connections and promotions for those in the beauty profession.  Today they launched apps for Android, iOS (waiting approval in the App store), and Blackberry.

Not only are they offering a location for beauty professionals but they are also going to be offering analytics, scheduling, and will be offering the ability to share promotions taking care of all the marketing.  Full scheduling is free, online booking is free, charging $25 for text monitoring.


“Where did your money go?” app. The fact that we cannot ever remember where we have spent that money, this app will help keep track of the spending.  Giving them tools to categorize, track, and at the same time enjoy doing so.

Fast – any expense within 3 seconds  – Stay anonymous – no credit card information, no bank account numbers  – Proactive – stay involved  – Fun and Rewarding – Keep it fun.  Spenz tokens – unlock deals, features, everything else.  Get experience points and achievements – Encourage the user to keep track of expenses launched – Spenz will always be free for users


BillGuard alerts users “when a charge is flagged by others or theirs, or is complained about on the web.  Predictive algorithms ID hidden charges, billing errors, forgotten subscriptions, scams and fraud.”

Crowdsourcing of complaints against financial institutions, hidden charges, forgotten subscriptions.  It’s quite impressive, for $4 a month you will be able to add unlimited cards.  This is a very impressive business idea.  In talks with 3 of the major US banks to offer this as a native service.  In the future they are going to be offering the ability to monitor the mobile operators for unknown and unfair charges.

(Disclosure: I signed up for this before I even finished writing this up,)