Live From Disrupt: Battlefield Session 2 Overview

SpotOn Founders at the Start Up Battlefield Being Grilled By Judges photo: TDG LLC

Spot On is a new recommendation app based on the location based FourSquare API. SpotOn brings a different way of recommending places to people by building a network of your friends and not just random strangers.  Through this network you get recommendations of establishments based on people you actually know.

Another thing that sets SpotOn apart from other recommendation apps is that it recommends not just the establishment but which friends in your SpotOn network to go to that place with.  SpotOn uses a “petal” based recommendation rating system.

It solves the problem of the most frequented place in your FourSquare places may be the Starbucks a block away verses the shop you like to hang with your friends with during a coffee break.

TechCrunch Founder Mike Arrington Looks On as Battlefield 2 Start Ups Present

The next start up in the Battlefield 2 Session was a video messenger application called, Karizma. Karizma is currently available on iPhone and the founder promises Android is on the way.

This app is a basic video messaging app which also has the ability to discover video contacts by proximity.  The presenter wasn’t nearly as enthusiastic or excited about their product as the SpotOn team.
One interesting feature was called spark which allows the user to “spark” or start a video chatting conversation.  It seemed that it’s only available on Wi-Fi at the moment which of course is a huge negative.


Sonar Founders answering questions at Disrupt NYC. Photo: TDG LLC

Although it’s still “coming” to Android, Sonar is the most exciting in this session so far.  Of course everything at Disrupt is new it’s about start ups.

Sonar takes everyone’s publicly available profile information across multiple sources like Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare and helps people connect with each other based on similar friends, interests, etc.  For instance the co-founder that presented checked his Sonar at Disrupt and found a handful of people in the room relevant to him.

One of the people that Sonar found was someone he had went to college with. One was a co-worker. One was someone who specialized in start ups. All had relevance to the user.  You don’t have to have a sonar account to be discovered by Sonar.

Privacy came up however the only information Sonar is aggregating is publicly available information that you have already published. If you don’t publish information than you’re not going to show up in Sonar.

Craig Wooten Founder/CEO of Arrived onstage at TechCrunch Disrupt NYC photo: TDG LLC

Craig Wooten, Founder and CEO of Arrived has built an app that solves the need of blowing off soft plans.  Imagine you have a friend who lives out of town and you tell them “hey lets hang out next time you’re in town”. Well with all the other things going on in your life that you may forget those plans.

Arrived allows the user to select contacts from several of their social media sources like Facebook, Twitter and other social sites and have them notified when you arrive in certain locales. For instance say you have 10 friends who live in New York, you can have Arrived let those ten friends know when you’re in town or on your way.

When you decide which friends to notify the app will send an email to ask them if they want to be notified when you arrive. As long as they say yes the next time youre in town it will let them know.  Wooten also uses it to help keep track of his family. For instance it Arrived showed Wooten his daughter had just arrived at home from school.

Wooten also addressed privacy concerns with several different levels of privacy for the user.

This one looked promising. The judges seemed to like it as well.

Churn Labs
Omar Hamoui is a partner with Churn labs. They are focused on building new products. Churn Labs pitched a product where you make virtual gnomes on your mobile device. We are trying to figure out what this has to do with disrupt or location. In the mantra of giving great coverage this was an utter waste of time.

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  1. Nice review of Arrived, we appreciate the coverage. There is only one small problem, my name isn’t Craig Wooten… It’s Clarence Wooten. Please make the correction when you can. I’d be happy to speak with you further about the company.

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