LG’s new G Flex ad is an example of how ‘not to’ make a commercial

G Flex Talking Hand

The LG G Flex is a pretty evolutionary device. Featuring a curved OLED display and a solid internal hardware, the smartphone can pretty much sell on its own. However, it’s customary for manufacturers to spend on advertisements to promote their device and LG did the same with the G Flex.

However, in an attempt to show off the “most human phone ever” LG has managed to come up with one of the creepiest smartphone commercials we have seen in a long time, possibly ever. The videos starts off pretty normally where the birthday boy is gifted a LG G Flex. But soon after he opens the box, a talking hand appears, representing his friend who is away on a trip.

LG probably didn’t expect the commercial to backfire this badly as the entire social media is going crazy about this horrendous promotion of a very good smartphone. Strangely, the G Flex makes an appearance for a very short time in the video, which is quite odd as that’s what the commercial is actually about. This certainly doesn’t look like money well spent by the Korean manufacturer.

Have a look at the video yourself and let us know what you think.


4 Replies to “LG’s new G Flex ad is an example of how ‘not to’ make a commercial”

  1. The company has finally removed the commercial from YouTube. They realized how horrible it was. But I feed sad for the guy who came up with the concept.

  2. This is a big #FacePalm for LG. I hope they don’t ask the same person to design another commercial, for any other LG product.

  3. Yes, this is exactly how you should not make a commercial. Universities which teach film making, or whatever course if required for this art, will keep this video as a reference to creepy commercials. It is that good.

  4. I agree, that’s a pretty creepy commercial, and quite hilarious too. And the most disgusting part of it all is when the guy starts kissing his palm. Yuk! Who came up with this? Probably i could make a better commercial than that.

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