LG Wants To Open Up A Development Lab In Silicon Valley

LG has been desperately trying to step up their game and like Samsung, Android has been a big part of that.  However LG hasn’t had near the success of Samsung.  We think with the LG Optimus 3D, LG Optimus Black and other projects down the line that could all change for the good for LG.  Also, their outreach to the developer community will rekindle interest in the LG brand.

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We were in receipt of an email today from LG, probably because we attended their party at Google I/O back in May.

Hello developer,

LG is planning to open a device lab in the silicon valley where local developers will have an access to the family of LG devices for testing mobile apps.   Before we proceed with the plan, we would like to get your feedback to understand your need so your recommendation will be highly valuable for us.  If you have any particular need in regards to the test devices, please shout.

1.       Are you willing to visit the lab?

2.       How often do you think you will use it?  For how long (couple hours a day? Full day?)

3.       Do you have any suggestion for the device lab?

Looking forward hearing from you.  Many thanks.


As you can see LG wants developers to come and play with their toys early on and have the opportunity to configure and develop for phones and tablets not yet released.  This is actually one of the biggest problems for Android developers especially eager developers who don’t have money to go out and purchase the next phone. Not to mention the fact by the time the phone or tablet hits the street it’s too late.

So developers answer the questions for us in the comments below…

source: LG

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