LG Thrill Just $79.99 At Target?

Unwired is reporting that Target plans on selling the LG Thrill (Optimus 3D) on AT&T for just $79.99 for it’s first week of sales.  The LG Thrill has seen delay after delay (think Samsung Galaxy SII) however if the latest rumors hold true September 4th will finally be it’s release day.

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According to unwired, Target was planning on doing a $20 off promotion for the 3D enabled Android device’s first week of sales.  The LG Thrill is reportedly going to cost $99.99 so the $20 off promo would make it $79.99.  Now the only thing is that the LG Thrill was originally supposed to go on sale Sunday and the Target promo was from 8/21-8/27 so hopefully Target will adjust their sale to reflect the phones new launch.

The LG Optimus 3D has been available around the world for quite sometime. We’ve had one in house since Google I/O which was back in May.  We saw the LG Thrill make an appearance at CE Week NY when LG was exhibiting at a press event.  At that time the device seemed ready to go.

LG has also been promoting the device with various big promotions, including the first ever user captured 3D concert experience with Jane’s Addiction.

source: Unwired