LG Takes a Dig at Apple With a New Optimus G Poster in Korea


LG is not necessarily the most profitable smartphone company in the world, especially with fellow South Korean company Samsung standing in competition. However, if there is one thing common with these companies (besides their origin) or any other major Android/WP OEM today is that they all have a collective hatred of all things Apple. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as competitors aren’t supposed to be praising and liking each other’s products, not in this day and age at least. So what this means is that there will be some banter from competitors thrown at each other from time to time. Many OEMs have done this, including Apple, and now it’s LG. The company has posted an ad of the Optimus G smartphone on Korean publications which shows the device slicing through an Apple. You don’t have to be a genius to guess the obvious poke at Apple and more importantly its iPhone 5 smartphone.

Samsung famously took a dig at Apple with its viral Galaxy S III ad and so did Nokia, so why not LG? LG has a powerful smartphone with the Optimus G which is one of the first to feature the quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro chipset. So one would say LG waited too long to start the bashing. The advertisement is in Korean so most of us might not understand what’s written, but we can presume it is basic trash talk. Apple is no doubt one of the biggest corporations in the world, and with such a tag you are bound to have some rivals. The iPhone is Apple’s highest selling product and no wonder other manufacturers want to take a jab at the company. LG came out with a word on the ad and said the following – “Our posters contain facts on the iPhone 5, and is not slander. It is just a fact that is has no NFC, no DMB. Its screen is comparatively small so that is also true. Other nuanced phrases are usually adopted for marketing. We are absolutely not targeting Apple as a company and the messages on the posters are not our official stance.”

LG made this year’s Google flagship, the Nexus 4 which is struggling to find fans in the market due to low availability. So we just hope Apple fans don’t revolt like Android fans did against Microsoft’s #DroidRage campaign a couple of weeks ago. For now though, it seems like LG has won itself plenty of fans in its home turf. What do you think about this LG ad?

Source: Korea Times
Via: Phone Arena