LG to release the V10 successor sometime in September: Reports

LG V10

The #LGV10 was one of my favorite smartphones from 2015, mainly due to the kind of hardware that the company crammed into the device. All this without making it look ridiculous. Word from the grapevine suggests that the Korean manufacturer is prepping the release of a successor sooner than expected. A Korean news outlet is reporting that the company will unveil the device by early September, instead of October as previously rumored.

This makes sense as it would give LG ample time to settle in the market following the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. It seems like LG wants to maneuver the arrival of this flagship sometime between the Galaxy Note 7 and the iPhone 7 release. We’re not sure if this strategy will work for LG, but there really is no other choice for the company, especially¬†given that the LG G5 hasn’t fared well so far.

We think LG missed a trick by keeping the V10 limited to just a handful of markets. But it is hoped that the company won’t repeat the same mistakes with the successor. Would you like to see an LG V10 successor soon?

Source: ET News

Via: Pocketnow