LG promises that Snapdragon 810 issues will not delay the launch of the G Flex 2 and the G4

LG G Flex 2 - Snapdragon 810

Given the news surrounding the delay of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 chip, it’s only natural to assume that manufacturers might delay the launch of their flagships to ensure the chipset is used on their devices.

However, word out of LG’s camp suggests that the overheating concerns will not impact the launch of the recently announced G Flex 2 smartphone or the anticipated arrival of the LG G4 later this year.

This is very reassuring for fans of LG smartphones as apart from LG and Xiaomi, there aren’t a lot of manufacturers who have committed to using the Snapdragon 810 chipset on their smartphones. Considering that Xiaomi’s reach is mostly limited to China and its neighboring regions, fans looking to experience Snapdragon 810 only have the G Flex 2 to look forward to at the moment.

LG acknowledges that the chipset had some issues during the initial round of testing, but it also mentions that these issues were resolved in co-operation with Qualcomm subsequently.

Source: ZDNet Korea – Translated

Via: G For Games