LG Optimus G Scores Android 4.4 KitKat Update Already… In Estonia

Remember when LG France made that atrocious blunder and unintentionally confirmed the Optimus G was due for an Android 4.4 KitKat update in October? Well, obviously, the one year-old 4.7-incher was never supposed to score the chocolaty software treat so early, as 4.4 ultimately became official on October 31.

LG Optimus G

Yet believe it or not, LG’s French branch may not have been so off base after all. October came and went, November also passed, but LG is still bestowing upon the Optimus G the honor of being one of the world’s first ever KitKat-running devices.

It’s true, Android 4.4 is rolling out as we speak. In Estonia. To the Optimus G. Unbelievable? You can say that again, however at the time of this writing the local announcement on Facebook is 21 hours old and it doesn’t look like it’ll be retracted.

And while my Estonian is a bit rusty, with a little help from good old Google Translate, I think I’ve decrypted the message, which seems to read as follows:

“Good news for LG Optimus G smartphone users – the Android 4.4 KitKat update is now available.”


The “now” part is especially intriguing, suggesting there are in fact already Optimus G owners rocking the latest and greatest version of Google’s mobile OS on their phones. Un-be-liev-a-ble! And to think Optimus G’s follow-up, the much more impressive, newer and hotter G2, is for now stuck on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.

Well, it’d be pretty ridiculous for us to complain of this whole situation, so instead I’ll address the elephant in the room. Estonia is just the timid start of something much bigger, right, LG? Soon enough, the entire old continent will get a taste of KitKat, won’t it? And then come the US, no?

Possibly, probably and damn straight are likely the answers there.

Update: To better clarify the Optimus G KitKat status, LG Estonia has stressed out the Android 4.4 port is for now available exclusively on Elisa, the nation’s second wireless service provider. Fret not, as again, a baby-step approach is to be expected in such cases. Just don’t take too long between steps, a’ight, LG?

Via [LG Estonia Facebook]

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  1. This was sadly something of a false dawn. LG Estonia have since deleted their original Facebook post and confirmed that the information was incorrect.

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