LG Optimus G Pro to launch in Korea on Wednesday


Lg Optimus G Pro was announced in a Facebook promo last week but no details about its release were given by the South Korean company. However, in a recent press release, LG announced that it will be launching the device as the successor of the famed Optimus G in Korea on 20th February. Also, the company announced its plans to launch the device in Japan and North America by the end of the second quarter.

LG G Pro


So, let’s see why LG Optimus G pro can be called the next best smart phone in the market.

Lg Optimus G, the predecessor of the G pro, was one of the most successful smart phones developed by Lg. The phone was supreme in its design as well as specifications. With its 13 MP camera, it captured the hearts of the customers.

LG optimus G pro tries to do something in the same lines. The phone features a 5.5 inch display with twice the resolution of its predecessor and a pixel per inch count of 400. The new display will be 200 % brighter and will consume less power than other displays. It would improve outdoor visibility and color accuracy and reproduction.

Talking about its processor, it sports the latest edition of the Qualcomm Snapdragon series, 1.7GHz quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor which is 24% faster than Snapdragon S4. The new processor was just released in CES last month and LG G pro is the first smart phone to feature it. The new processor will also consumer less power which will help to improve the battery life of the phone, a major concern faced by all quad core phones in the market.

3140 mAh battery is more than enough juice for the phone to support FULL HD IPS display. With this enormous battery life, the phone can run up to a day with moderate usage. LG manufacturers have also included Wireless charging in the device, a much needed feature for a smart phone today.

According to the press release by the company, LG has also made some improvement to its existing UI.

LG has included VR Panorama to its Camera user interface. In case you are wondering, VR stands for Virtual Reality and it works almost in the same way as Google’s photo sphere. It allows a person to capture 360 degree images and synthesize it in one photo delivering additional dept to the image. Another addition to its software is the dual recording (DR) feature. Traditional when you take a video, you will not see the photographer’s face. However, when Dual Recording is enabled, the photographer’s face is also recorded while taking a video with the rear camera.

The phone features an updated Q slide version 2.0 which allows the user to work on up to three tasks simultaneously.  It also has an updated transparency adjuster, locate and size controls.

So, if you were a big fan of the LG Optimus G, seeing the device and the specs, you would definitely love the new Optimus G pro.

Lg Optimus G Pro will be available on three carriers in South Korea namely, SK Telecom Co., KT Corp.  and LG Uplus Corp. for 968,000 Won, which is about $900.

via LG Press Release