LG Optimus G Pro Problems, Questions and Solutions [Part 1]

LG Optimus G Pro Problems

I’m starting out our LG Optimus G Pro Problems series because there are considerably a lot of G Pro owners who emailed us. In this post, there are five problems that were addressed. If your issue wasn’t covered here, feel free to contact us anytime.

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Top half of the screen goes blank

Problem: I’m not really a very techie person and I need help with my very weird problem. My LG Optimus G Pro’s screen was divided in two. The top half of the screen is blank while the other is displaying whatever it is I want to display. It is literal that the display is cut in half because when I take a picture, it would only display the lower half part of the picture. I am new to Android but it seems like some of the apps have recently been updated. Can you guys help me, please.Esther

Answer: It sounds like the problem was caused by a third party application. If you knew exactly which apps were updated, you can start by disabling those apps one-by-one. If you can finally determine which app is causing this, you could uninstall it. If the problem still exists after doing that, try to boot to Recovery Mode and wipe the cache partition from there. There is a possibility that some cached app data are causing this problem. But if all else fails, a factory reset might be able to help you, although you would need to take some time backing up your important data you don’t want to lose during the process.

Device refuses to Power on

Problem: I don’t know what happened but all of the sudden my phone, an LG Optimus G Pro, turned itself off while I’m using it. When I pressed the Power button, it won’t come on. It tried plugging the charger in and the phone doesn’t show the charging icon like it used to. I’m freaking out now because I don’t know what to do. Can  you help me?Rico

Answer: Remove the battery and try to see if there are some corrosion. Clean the connectors with a dry cloth as well as the receptors on the phone. While the phone’s battery is out, press and hold the Power button of the phone to discharge other electronic components of stored of static electricity. Place the battery back and try to power on the phone again. If that doesn’t work, plug the charger in and press the Power button. If the phone doesn’t respond to that, at least, give the phone an hour to charge before pressing the Power button again. If that doesn’t help either, it could be a hardware problem. Have the phone checked because there could be a problem with the power switch or any other components.

Computer can’t detect Optimus G Pro

Problem: I am a noob and a woman at that. I just bought a new laptop that I use for work and I have a considerably new smartphone, a 7-month old LG Optimus G Pro that I bought from AT&T. I have to problems with my gadgets except that my laptop can’t detect my phone when I plug it in. My desktop can detect the phone alright but not my laptop. What’s the problem here?Bryan

Answer: There is neither a problem with your computer nor your phone it’s just that you need to install some little programs called drivers that could help your laptop detect the Optimus G Pro. These drivers can be downloaded online and since you’re said you got your phone from AT&T, you can find the executable drivers packager from AT&T website. [download link]

After you download the file, run it on your computer. The drivers will automatically be installed, although you might need to reboot your laptop after you installed them. After the reboot, you can plug your phone to your laptop and they both know each other already. Hope this helps.

Phone became so slow after the update

Problem: I was prompted there was an available software update for my LG Optimus G Pro smartphone so I downloaded and installed it. Everything went fine and the installation went through like a charm. However, I noticed the phone became so slow that it would take me minutes to finish typing a text message because from time to time the phone freezes. Opening an app is also a nightmare. Help me guys as I don’t have any idea what’s going on here.Jacqueline

Answer: There could be some compatibility issues with third-party apps. Make sure all your applications are running their respective updated versions. Another possibility is that, some cached data may be interfering with the phone’s normal operation. So, you need to clear those. Reboot the phone to the Recovery Mode and wipe the cache partition from there.

The cache partition is a directory where data used by apps to run are stored. If you delete those, the phone will cache data again but this time newer and fresher ones. If this, however, doesn’t help, you may need to restore the phone to its factory setting either through the Settings menu or via the Recovery Mode. However, you will to reinstall your apps and some of your data may be lost. It’s your call.

Syncs are not working

Problem: So, my phone (LG Optimus G Pro) was borrowed by my sister for about a week because hers was stolen that she had to wait for a week for a replacement unit to arrive. She was in Minnesota the entire time she had my phone and I’m in New Jersey. When I got my phone back, I noticed emails don’t come and I haven’t received any MMS, which is weird since I usually receive about 5 picture messages from my children, nieces and nephews. I am old and am not used to having phones like this. I could have known the problem if I was using a hum radio but I’m not. So, I need your expert advice on this. Thanks.Robert

Answer: There are several reasons why you’re not receiving your emails and messages but let’s try to after the obvious. First, check whether mobile data was turned on in your phone.

  1. From the Home screen, press the Menu key and tap All Settings.
  2. Under the Networks tab, tap Tethering & Networks.
  3. Tap Mobile networks.
  4. Make sure Data Enabled is checked.
  5. You may also want to check International Data Roaming if necessary.

After doing the procedure above, try to reboot your phone to refresh its memory. If you’re still not getting your emails and messages, call your service provider and ask their representatives to walk you through in making sure that your phone has the correct APN Settings. Your sister may have changed it when she was in Minnesota so the phone could work there.

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  1. My LG Optimus G Pro E980 has intermittent electrical contact problems.

    I first replaced the outside screen (digitizer), along with the battery & charging port. It worked but when it came on, the LCD had been damaged in the repair. I then replaced the LCD. The case didn’t want to go back together tightly though. (In the process of changing it out the adhesive had to be removed, causing a gap around the new screens & the body). It wouldn’t even power up with the new parts. So, I put the old worn charging port back in it & now it turns on (sometimes).

    Now when I put pressure on the top of the screen, it sometimes (less than 50% of the time) powers on. It seems like I’m going to have to exchange the charging port & LCD for new ones now (LCD had damage to it when it came on). Seems like the motherboard is not making contact with all the contact points inside the case. Is there a test that can pinpoint the problem ?

  2. stock optimus g pro shuts off with a full charge saying not enough charge to run, will not turn on until i apply power then it immediately says 100% battery. any ides aas to whats wrong with it. i have done the fatory and hard resets and replaced batteries

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