LG LS980 (Optimus G2 For Sprint?), Plus Mystery Samsung SPH-I800 and LG D300 Spotted at Bluetooth SIG

Bluetooth SIG listings are very rarely revelatory of anything other than the possible identities of unreleased gadgets, but sometimes that’s enough to ignite a spark and make us enthusiastic about the future.

And today we have a real treat for all you rumor-mongers, as we’ve managed to track down (courtesy of our friends from Ameblo.Jp) no less than three new mysterious smartphones. The trio includes a device whose identity can be pretty easily guessed, although it’s probably not wise to have certainties at this point, while the other two are a little more cryptic.

LG LS980

But let’s start from the beginning. An LG LS980 has apparently gotten Bluetooth certified yesterday, on the 6th, being very likely the future Sprint-bound version of the Optimus G2. You remember the G2, right?

The 5.5-inch beast that was spotted getting the same Bluetooth SIG approval last week in a Korean-specific version codenamed F320. And whose first full frontal photo was allegedly (ev)leaked just a couple of days back.

Now, you’re probably wondering how can we be so sure this LS980 is an Optimus G2 destined for Sprint. Easy, because the first-gen G for Sprint carried the LS970 model number and the Optimus G Pro is unlikely to make its way to a different US carrier than AT&T.

Naturally, I wouldn’t bet my life on all this being legit, but a small sum of money… definitely. Which brings us to the next question – how will the G2 look and what kind of specs will it sport? It’s far too early to give a definitive answer to that question, but a Full HD panel, blazing fast 2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 CPU, Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and at least 2 gigs of RAM are definitely in the cards.

But let’s move on before going completely berserk with G2-related assumptions and speculations. To our second mystery device leaked by Bluetooth SIG and codenamed Samsung SPH-I800. This is most definitely another Sprint-bound smartphone, but chances are it’s going to run Windows 8 instead of Android.

The thing will come equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 and 4G LTE, that’s for sure, but everything else about it is a very tough nut to crack. It certainly doesn’t help we’re seeing for the first time a model number with SPH-I at the beginning or that Sprint is yet to carry a single WP8-based phone. Still, our safest bet at the moment is the SPH-I800 is the ATIV S.

Finally, we’ve spotted an LG D300 getting Bluetooth certified as well, but this is likely a far less exciting device than the other two. Featuring just Bluetooth 3.0, the thing will probably be a very budget-conscious little fellow.

Its unseen before model number makes us think the D300 could be part of a new entry-level or mid-range LG line, but it’s basically impossible to try to predict when will it come out and where it will be made available.

Who’s excited about the upcoming LG Optimus G2? How about Samsung’s ATIV S, does it still have a chance to make a splash in the US?

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