LG G5 confirmed to be packing an always-on display mode

LG G5 Display

While the internet is buzzing with word on the #Samsung #GalaxyS7 announcement which is scheduled for the 21st of February, tech fans would also be aware that LG is scheduling the release of the #LGG5 for the same day.

The company has now posted a teaser for the G5, while confirming that the handset would be packing an “Always On” display. The teaser leaves nothing for the imagination and even shows us what the device would look like in this mode. We can see that the display will be capable of showing the time, date, day as well as icons pertaining to pending notifications. LG however has been mindful enough to not reveal much of the front portion, so some surprise is still intact.

Naturally, the competition between LG and Samsung has been quite fierce over the past few years and the rivalry dates beyond the modern-day smartphone era. Keeping this in mind, it’s only natural that the two companies are neck and neck in terms of innovation and technology. It’s turning out to be quite a month for tech lovers and we would keenly wait to see if either of the two manufacturers will have an upper hand over the other.

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Source: LG Mobile (Facebook)

Via: Phone Arena