LG G2 to hit Germany and US sometime in September


It seems like a while since LG announced the LG G2 and yet we still don’t see it on any markets. The company is set to launch the new flagship device on 130 different carriers worldwide, but it may start with Germany and the US.

In the US, the LG G2 will come on all four major carriers: AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint and T-Mobile. It is also set to come on US Cellular and possibly Virgin Mobile, although the latter should be taken with a pinch of salt, considering the normally only deal in low-price Android devices.

Germany doesn’t look like the biggest market for the LG G2 to have success, but with Deutsch Telecom, Vodafone and o2 are all ready to push the device out onto their 4G network, between the three they have about 90 million subscribers. We are surprised Canada is not getting an early LG G2, considering six carriers will have the phone in stock.

The LG G2 will get a full global rollout sometime later, a few weeks for some areas, a few months for others – we would imagine. The question is can LG get the smartphone out before it is sitting ducks against the Galaxy Note 3 and iPhone 5S, both set to come before the end of September.

A week ago we got a look at an internal Three UK stock sheet, showing the LG G2 coming to the carrier on early October. This could just be for Three and other carriers will get it earlier, but with almost all the UK carriers investing in 4G technology to launch at the end of this year, it may be a big push to get the best names on the stock list.


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  1. Now in Canada we have option iPhone 5S or LG G2. Thanks LG I was waiting every day !
    Im not waiting end of October !

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