LG G2 design story gets detailed

The LG G2 design story has been detailed in a video. It reveals the reasons why it opted for a design that moves the buttons to the rear, a decision which has received mixed reactions from consumers. In the video, LG reiterates the message that it gave before and during the launch of the flagship handset.

LG G2 design story
LG G2 design story

The design of the LG G2, the company claims, is a result of the attention that it paid to how people use their smartphones. Some of the factors that they prioritized include the placement of the hands as well as other habits.

The design of the LG G2 is a compromise between size and comfort. They wanted a display that is large enough so that its content would be visually appealing. On the other hand, the size of the handset should not be so large as to make it uncomfortable for the phone user. The outcome is a device with very thin bezels as well as a slim overall form factor. To allow the device to feature powerful hardware, however, a major overhaul of more traditional design elements needed to be carried out.

Their research into the smartphone usage habits of consumers showed that people typically hold the device with all fingers except the index. The grip, however, changes when the buttons on the side of the device are pressed. They discovered that the index finger commonly rests against the rear plate. This natural, intuitive tendency is what led them to place buttons on the back of the device. LG also opted to remove the parts that are commonly found on the sides of handsets, such as the power key, volume rocker, and earphone jack, in order to create a thin device.

LG also says that the elements of the device were all carefully selected to make sure that they fit into their design philosophy of elegance without flashiness. Here is a link to the video if you want to know more about the LG G2 design story.

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