LG G Watch spotted in the wild

LG G Watch

The LG G Watch is hardly a week away from being shown off at the I/O event and the leaks are beginning to pour in. Although the device is not a surprise, there haven’t been a lot of live images of the smartwatch in the wild. The picture accessed here shows the smartwatch in all its glory with the display reading “Install Android Wear on your phone” implying that there could be a dedicated application making its way to the Play Store.

Also visible on the display is the code “LG G Watch B165” which is most likely used to pair with the smartphone or tablet of your choice. The Chromecast utilizes a similar pairing system, so it’s no surprise that the G Watch uses something similar.

Another bit of good news coming from this image is the micro USB cable slotted on the side of the device. This means the smartwatch can use any charging cable lying around your house and will not require a smartwatch only charging accessory, which is commonly seen with modern wearables. So overall, it seems like the LG G Watch will be widely talked about when the time arrives, although the Moto 360 is likely to steal all the attention during the launch.

Source: Reddit

Via: Talk Android