LG G Watch and G Watch R getting Android Wear 5.1.1 update

LG G Watch R - Android Wear

While the LG Watch Urbane already runs Android Wear 5.1 by default, the existing lot of wearables were waiting for the update. The ASUS ZenWatch recently started getting the update and now LG’s two premier wearables from last year – the G Watch and the G Watch R are also getting the new update.

While the G Watch will not get the all important WiFi connectivity support due to hardware constraints, users will be able to see every other feature that was discussed by Google during the announcement of this new Android Wear update. This includes support for contacts, drawing emojis on the wearable, always-on applications and some other interesting additions.

The G Watch R however will get all the new features that were discussed by Google, including WiFi support. This will allow users to pair their wearable with the smartphone on a WiFi network rather than Bluetooth, thus providing an alternative solution to pair the smartwatch and the handset.

Owners of the LG G Watch or the G Watch R, are you seeing the update yet? Sound off below.

Source: Google Product Forums

Via: Android and Me