LG Electronics Slides Past Apple in Smartphone Market

LG Optimus G Topples Apple's IPhone 5

[Photo Credit: CNET]

Apple has been given a favorable name in the tech world by Apple fanboys who claim that all the negative news about Apple’s image and popularity is nothing more than hearsay and false propaganda by those who dislike Apple. This is simply not true, if for nothing more than the fact that tech writers would publish gloom and doom news about any major tech company. Apple, then, is in the spotlight these days because its stock shares have fallen $200 since September, and the all-new iPhone 5 was not all that popular amongst iPhone carriers. Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile did not experience record sales of the sixth-generation iPhone; AT&T did, however, but the iPhone ranked in the top three only with the nation’s largest 4G LTE carrier. These stats cannot be ignored, regardless of how many phones the Apple Corporation sold in Q4 2012. Apple made less money than Samsung in Q4 2012, but those who love Apple products seem to resort to writing articles to attack those who disagree with the Apple fanboy club. If you think I’m too hung up on ridiculous claims, read the macobserver.com article “The Rotten Apple Flu: How to Get It & How to Cure It.”

The last few days have brought another piece of evidence to the surface that places Apple in a negative light once again. When the iPhone 4S emerged on the scene, Apple surpassed LG Electronics in the number of smartphones and tablets sold. At the time of the iPhone 4S advent, LG was robbed of its second-place production by Apple in Q3 2011. In Q4, 2012, things took a turn in the reverse: LG Electronics bounced back to second place after the company’s smartphone success overtook Apple’s around the holiday season.

There are two major reasons as to why LG Electronics surpassed the Apple Corporation as the second largest seller of smartphones and tablets in the US. One reason pertains to the Nexus 4, the Google-LG partner phone that is now considered to be one of the hottest smartphones on the market. LG and Google supposedly sold half a million of its Nexus 4 smartphones before a rumor broke out that claimed LG had stopped production on its newest Android marvel. An LG representative took to the media last week to straighten out the rumor: LG has not halted production completely, but will manufacture additional Nexus 4 phones in the future. At the moment, the company has taken to manufacturing and producing its own smartphones – among them the LG Optimus G. LG can thank its latest smartphone, the Optimus G, for its financial success in Q4 2012. The Optimus G is the second factor in escalating LG sales (and downward Apple sales). The Nexus 4, in fact, was based on the Optimus G; LG’s Optimus G made a lasting impression on Google – so much so that the Nexus 4 is placed right beside the Galaxy S3 in terms of the effect it has on consumers. Since the Galaxy S3 was voted the top smartphone of 2012 (over the iPhone 4S), this speaks volumes.

LG’s triumph over Apple in Q4 2012 is confirmed by the latest Consumer Reports study (as provided by Business Insider), which shows that the LG Optimus G was voted #1 by AT&T and Sprint customers. At the two largest national carriers, the iPhone 5 was ranked third in the top three smartphones. At Verizon, the nation’s third-largest carrier, the iPhone 5 was unranked, a surprise for the third carrier since Verizon marketed the “unlocked” iPhone 5 heavily. LG looks to repeat its success with the LG Optimus Pro that will be released this year.