LG Eclipse to Arrive at Sprint and AT&T by Halloween

LG Eclipse, LG’s answer to Samsung’s Galaxy S3 will be available by Halloween this year. The information has found its way to the internet through its Bluetooth specifications document.

LG Eclipse will have a quad core Krait APQ8064, Adrebo 320 GPU processor. It has already been spotted with a user agent profile and Bluetooth 4.0. LG Eclipse will come out in two forms: LS970 for Sprint and E970 for AT&T. The latter may have a slightly better display, if industry rumors are to be believed.

LG Eclipse is being hailed as a super-phone, a title which in part derives from its supposedly 4.67 inch wide screen. If current screen resolution data is to be believed, the E970, with its 1280×768 screen resolution will offer 320 ppi. Rumors about LG Eclipse being tested on various performance benchmarks has leaked out with tipsters reporting that it performs slightly better than One X on the many benchmarks it was tested on, including the Egypt test.

The Bluetooth sheet for LG Eclipse states that the phones will be available by 31st October, 2012 in North America- just in time for Halloween. However, it will have to battle many opponents some of which have already arrived (Galaxy S3 and One X). Also, its specifications are not known currently, and LG Eclipse may be the best phone available at that time or just another smartphone with a wide screen, depending on what the actual products turns out to be.

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