Lenovo unveils two new 4K Ultra HD monitors with one of them running Android 4.3

Lenovo UHD MonitorLenovo is usually silent all throughout the year, but global events like CES is where it really shines. The manufacturer recently unveiled a bunch of new smartphones and today it has unveiled a couple of super powerful 4K UHD 28 inch monitors. These monitors are targeted towards businesses or entertainment houses as indicated by the price tag. Starting from $799, these monitors will not go easy on the customers’ wallets, but considering the prices of other 4K monitors in the market today, the pricing seems justified.

The cheaper of the two is the Lenovo ThinkVision Pro2840m, is a standard 4K monitor and is priced at $799. Lenovo is also offering three year warranty coverage with this model. The second monitor is called the ThinkVision 28 which has a touchscreen running Android 4.3 with its usual array of features and functions. Lenovo claims that the monitor runs on an NVIDIA chipset although it hasn’t specified the make. This monitor will feature the same 28 inch 4K display but with the 10 point multitouch touchscreen functionality. Pricing has been set at $1199 for this model and will start shipping in July 2014 while the ThinkVision Pro2840m will be available from April.

Source: Lenovo

Via: Talk Android