Lenovo CEO accidentally reveals the upcoming 2nd gen Moto 360

New Moto 360

Lenovo’s CEO¬†Yang Yuanqing might have revealed the design of the 2nd gen Moto 360. He sent out a post on Chinese social networking site Weibo, simply calling it the Moto 360. While it wouldn’t have caught any attention initially, the fact that the post was almost immediately removed from the site has given rise to speculation.

So could this be an early design of the second gen Moto 360? We’d like to think so, considering that the models shown here are available in a couple of sizes while the original Moto 360 only has one display size. Further, the watch body seems to have lugs attached to them on the ends, which is missing from the current gen Moto 360.

We can also see a wide array of wrist bands that will be available with the new 2015 model (including an abnormally large grey band). There’s a gold watch strap as well, which would fit in nicely with the existing gold Moto 360 option.

Moto 360 -2

All that being said, it’s still too early to jump to conclusions, so we suggest you take this with a pinch of salt for now. The 2nd gen Moto 360 is not expected to break cover until the Fall, so it might be a little too early to be certain about this leak.

Source: Hello Moto HK – Facebook

Via: Droid Life