Learn French From These Android Apps!

If you are planning a trip to France, needing to pass a French class, or simply wish to drop French phrases to impress someone, you might find some use in a number of Android apps geared at teaching the language.

These apps make learning fun and simple since they often take advantage of multimedia in giving users an interactive and rich experience. On top of that, the fact that they are on a mobile device means that you can whip out the app whenever you are waiting in line or commuting somewhere.

The first app is the French Translator / Dictionary. Obviously, from the name, it lets users look up words in French, translate them into English, and vice versa. It moreover gives users a new French word per day complete with a definition, pronunciation, and a sentence using the word, to expand their vocabulary. It can also be integrated with text messages and allowed to translate them into French. This app was created by GreenLife Apps, and is free from Google Play.

Another dictionary app is Little French Dictionary, which can help not only with contemporary French in conversations but also classical French texts. It is also free to download. However, it requires that users be connected to the Internet when they need to search for a word.

A dictionary, meanwhile, that functions even when no Internet connectivity is present, is EnglishFrench Dictionary. This app, which has a clutter-free UI, contains meanings and pronunciations for thousands of English and French words. This app features a Favorites function that enables users to save words that they looked up. It can also translate words, but this feature needs an Internet connection to work.

The app Learn French with busuu.com! offers more than a dictionary. It lets users categorize their learning level from beginner to advanced intermediate, and teaches them the language using everyday situations. The app furthermore comes with images and audio recordings to offer a holistic learning experience. There are tests that can be taken, too, which are checked by native speakers of the language. This app is a bit heavy on the system though at 14 MB, but is also free to download.

Because of Android’s wide popularity, many have been encouraged to develop their own language apps to add to the growing library, not only on Google Play, but also on other repositories. Users can simply choose which ones work to solve their language-learning needs.

via android authority