Latest Pocket App Update Includes Text-To-Speech Feature

The most recent update for the Pocket app for Android adds a functionality that will be useful for those who are extremely busy, those who are rather lazy, or those who simply like hearing words read to them. It is called “Listen” and it basically enables the app to read the text for the user through a feature called text-to-speech.

Pocket, for those who have not tried out the app, used to be called Read It Later. It allows users save articles and videos that they want to read or watch later, even if they do not have Internet access at that moment. Pocket for Android is able to sync content across various devices on which it is compatible, like a phone, a tablet, or a computer. It features an easy-to-read format, making viewing the saved content easy and enjoyable. Pocket for Android used to be a paid app, but Read It Later, its developer, is now offering it for free.

The Android version of Pocket is currently available for download on Google Play. It is also expected to hit Amazon’s App Store soon. A few years ago, Amazon tried to provide users of the Kindle ereader a similar feature. However, the Authors Guild opposed the move because it allegedly is not favorable for audiobooks.

There is likewise a version of Pocket for iOS-based devices. However, there are reportedly no plans yet in the near future to integrate the Listen functionality to the app. The reason is because a text-to-speech API is currently not yet offered by Apple.

The Listen functionality is not the only update that Read It Later introduced. The team also enhanced the full-screen animation, set the URL shortener to Disable mode when users save content to Evernote, and enabled the Manage Site Subscription feature to be present on all of Android’s versions. The UI also received some minor tweaks. Crashes and other minor bugs were also given attention.

Pocket may be downloaded from Google Play here.

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  1. Hello I was wondering if I down loaded a ebook onto the kobo arc would it read the book outloud to me. My daughter is 15 and has dyslexia.

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