Latest Nexus 5 units come with wider speaker holes and stiffer buttons


Any newly launched smartphone can have a few build issues when they come fresh off the assembly line. The Nexus 5 suffers the same fate, as owners of the device have noticed that the volume and power buttons on the handset wobble considerably, especially the power button. Well, LG and Google noticed it too, and they’ve already done something about it – LG has tweaked the production of the Nexus 5 a bit to stiffen up those wobbly buttons in the latest units that are heading out to consumers.

Furthermore, according to an ongoing thread on XDA about the matter, LG has also increased the width of the speaker holes, which should theoretically result in somewhat higher volume levels, the lack of which has been another complaint against Google’s latest flagship. However, the display is an area where the Korean manufacturer seems to have gone backwards with the latest production run. Users are reporting that these new devices have a slightly “more” yellow display, and rare cases of stuck green pixels – the yellow tint is something that might be fixable via an update, though the pixel issue might need some users to send in the device back for a replacement.

In the end, it’s great to see LG made an effort to fix hardware issues so quickly – add to that the considerably improved camera that came as part of the latest software update, and the Nexus 5 becomes an even better overall smartphone for its price tag.


Via: XDA