Latest Mobile Mix: Android Still Holding Strong With 56% Of The Market Share

The latest monthly Mobile Mix report has been released by Millennial Media. Many industry folks like the Mobile Mix report because it shows actual devices touching the Millennial Media ad network vs a survey of users or “shipped” units which can have data flaws.

In the October 2011 Mobile Mix report released today, Android is still holding strong at 56% of the smartphone OS’s touching Millennial’s ad network. iOS came in at 28% while RIM came in at 13%. We’re still not sure what’s going on with Windows Phone 7 as it claims just 1% of the share and that’s a statistic echoed through many research agencies and analysts.

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Samsung grew 7 percent month over month as a manufacturer and had 6 of the top 20 phones on the Millennial Media network. HTC was the second place manufacturer behind Apple. Samsung came in third place.  Overall Android had 14 of the top 20 mobile phones.

Millennial recently did a developer survey and in this Mobile Mix report they released an interesting piece of data. According to Millennial Media developers listed “Developing new apps” as their top goal for 2012 over goals like “maximizing revenue” or “learning a new programming language”.

50% of the Millennial Media developers are Android developers while 40% develop for iPhone as their first choice.  In interviews with Matt Gillis of Millennial Media, he explains some of the reasoning for that below:

And in this video Gillis explains how monetizing an app with in app advertising, like that offered by Millennial Media, can help take away some of the sting developers feel from pirated apps: