Lag When Using the Camera App and Opening Pictures in Galaxy S4

Galaxy S4

Some users are experiencing lags in their Samsung Galaxy S4 when opening a stored picture or when using the camera app of the device. There are various causes of this problem like having too many apps running, too much data stored in the phone, outdated software or a problem with a recent upgrade.

However, many say that this occurrence is already normal with the Samsung Galaxy S4. Regardless of the cause, here are some solutions you can try to go over the issue:

#1. Try Our Earlier Solutions

Please visit the article we published earlier about the Ten Most Common Samsung Galaxy S4 Problems, Solutions & Workarounds Included then perform the #1 and #5 solutions.

The first solution will let you stop unnecessary apps that are running in your background. The other involves clearing the cache and data of the Gallery. Be reminded though that both solutions do not guarantee that the problem will not occur again.

#2. Free Up Memory

Having too much files in your memory card and local storage can also be a factor. Transfer some of the files to your computer or external drive to free up some of your memory.

#3. Update Software

One way to permanently fix the issue is by updating your software. This can be done by accessing the Menu followed by Settings. Then select About and choose the “Software Update” option. Lastly, click the “Check for Updates command”.

#4. Install Camera or Photo Management Apps

An alternative is by installing apps that would enable you to manage your photo and enhance the performance of your camera.

#5. Restore to Factory Settings or Update the OS Version

If you have noticed that the problem only occurred after updating the version of your device, there is a strong possibility that it is the update which is causing the problem. To fix it, try restoring your phone to its factory settings or wait for another update to repair it.

#6. Rooting and Flashing

You might also want to consider rooting and flashing your device to solve this. But be reminded that there are so many risks involved with this process.

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