Lady GaGa Pitching Android in Japan

Move over Andy, Lady GaGa is putting her selling power behind an Android handset for a Japanese carrier in the new ad seen below.

You may have seen the stories about Sprint’s great ad for the HTC Evo that features our favorite little green robot.¬† In that ad, Andy uses his jetpack style flying from headline to headline about the EVO.

This new ad, is fueled by the popularity of Lady GaGa around the world, especially in Asia, to endorse their Android Handset which is the Sharp ISO3 smartphone which recently became available on AU by KDDI.

In case you were wondering the Sharp IS03 comes with Android 2.1 a 3.5″ display and a whopping 9.6 megapixel camera.

Check out the commercial here:

Source: The Reformed Broker

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  1. its a real ad and they had to clear the use of her and she had to clear the ad. It’s everywhere it just wasnt on android sites. Good ole Prez even hit it

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