Android 4.4 KitKat rolls out to European LG Optimus G, this time for real

After one too many false alarms, misunderstandings and unsubstantiated rumors, it appears LG Optimus G users are at last closing in on KitKat resolution. Joyful resolution, that is, as they definitely won’t be left behind.


Instead, they’ll get with the times this month, according to claims from SFR France. Granted, the Western European operator isn’t the most reliable around, jumping the gun on Android 4.4 bumps several times in the recent past.

But for once, SFR backs one of its optimistic forecasts with concrete, chocolaty proof – a picture of an LG Optimus G (model number E975) running Android 4.4.2. The bad news? The photo stars a device loaded with an experimental KK port, and testing is still in full speed.

The good news? Once it’s ready to replace Jelly Bean on French shores, Android 4.4 should gradually make its way all across the old continent and, presumably, in North America too. So worst case scenario, you’ll need to wait until, say, late July. That’s not so bad, is it?

Think about it, as much as we all loved the G back in the day, particularly LG, which built quite the impressive high-end roster on its heels, we have to remember its time has passed. You wouldn’t tell by looking at the specs, but the 4.7 incher is nearly two years old.

LG Optimus G KitKat

Bottom line, it’s only fair newer devices like the Optimus G Pro, Vu 3, G2 and G Flex get upgraded sooner.

As far as specifics tweaks and improvements are concerned, SFR is bizarrely intent on keeping everything under wraps, emphasizing “we are not able to inform you yet about the precise improvements of this upgrade”.

But XDA forum members speculate Knock On and Knock Code aren’t headed for the Optimus G. Not yet, at least, as a subsequent over-the-air boost may take care of business and add the neat LG-specific  functions in the mix, just like on the G2.

Obviously, generalized Project Svelte performance enhancements are guarantees nevertheless, as is a subtle but noticeable UI revamp, expanded notification functionality, improved security, Wi-Fi, battery life, camera capabilities and so on and so forth.

Oh, and be sure to appreciate the KitKat update at its real value whenever it finally goes live, as I personally deem Optimus G’s odds to score the unannounced Android 5.0 as microscopic. It’s sad, but every gadget has an expiration date.

Via [SFR]

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  1. Just wanted to confirm that the update did reach SE Asia. I just noticed it and grabbed the 520MB system update last week which brought my beloved E975 to KitKat (4.4.2). Incidentally it’s the same core version (E97520a) as what you posted rather than the reported Korean variant (v30b) .

    I can also confirm that the Knock On & Knock Code features are sadly missing but am happy that my phone now feels buttery smooth (though I’m a little miffed that the security changes have nerfed some of the tools I use unless I root my device, like scheduled airplane mode).

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