KitKat-powered Dell XPS 12 convertible surfaces with Intel Core i3 ‘Haswell’ chip

There’s no question Android’s versatility has greatly evolved over time, as the OS now sustains not only conventional smartphones and tablets, but also TVs, cars, transforming tab-laptop crossbreeds and even a couple of skimpy, budget-conscious full-fledged notebooks.

Dell XPS 12

Yet nothing seemed to prepare us for what Dell is working on. The creators of mostly lackluster Android devices so far, including the Venue 7 and 8 slates, apparently have an XPS 12 version in the pipeline conceived around Google’s mobile platform.

For those of you living under a (remote) rock, the XPS 12 line currently consists of sleek, sturdy, adaptable so-called convertible ultrabooks with state-of-the-art hardware and Windows 8 running the software show.

Sure, they’re expensive, really expensive in fact, starting at roughly $800 and going all the way up to $1,500, but boy, are they good-looking and punchy. And as it turns out, the franchise might be ready to branch out, welcoming a new, Android-supporting member into the family.

Model numbered XPS12-9Q33, which is oddly the same moniker used by a Windows 8 variant in circulation, this unforeseen and mind-blowing hybrid is listed over at GFX Bench as packing a quad-core fourth-generation 1.7 GHz Intel Core i3 Haswell processor, Intel HD Graphics 4400 and 4 GB RAM.

All supported by Android 4.4.2 KitKat. Wait, is that even possible? Well, it may take a bit of fine tuning here and there, but all in all, why not? If Core i3-powered Chromebooks are happening, I’d think the sky is the limit for Android’s growth.

Dell XPS 12 Android

Of course, a hoax or innocent typo are always on the table. At least until Dell comes forward to confirm or deny the story. The model number is clearly fishy and, to illustrate the benchmark scores, GFX Bench uses the pic of a Windows XPS 12.

Then again, never have we seen the source commit an error of such epic proportions. It’s not like you can just hit the wrong key on your keyboard and enter “Android 4.4.2” in lieu of “Windows 8”. Besides, here’s a crazy theory to explain the photo.

What if this upcoming XPS12-9Q33 runs both Android and Windows? You know, in a dual-boot configuration. Personally, I’ve never understood the feasibility and appeal of those machines, but if Dell is ready to invest time and money into the concept, maybe there’s something to it.

Either way, the laptop-cum-tablet sports a 12.6-inch 1,920 x 1,080 pixels resolution (Full HD) display, 67 GB of built-in user available storage and a shockingly scanty 0.9 MP front-facing camera. Also, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Huh, guess Android has a future in the laptop world after all.

Via [GFX Bench]