Kindle Fire HD Poised To Compete With iPad 2

Kindle Fire HD, Amazon’s second generation of its color touchscreen tablet line, has received great feedbacks from a number of tech reviewers and positioned itself to compete with Retina iPad and Google Nexus 7.

Tech reviewer DisplayMate gave positive reviews on the 7-inch Kindle Fire HD and even compared it with a much more expensive Retina iPad.

“It is much better than the iPad 2 and almost as good as the new [Retina] iPad in overall picture quality and color accuracy,” DisplayMate stated in their review.

DisplayMate president Raymond Soneira featured better color resolution, graphics, and factory display calibration than its 7-inch tab rival Nexus 7.

“Apple does a virtually perfect Factory Calibration for the new iPad, and Amazon has done an excellent Factory Calibration for the Kindle Fire HD. It is probably more accurate with better color than any display you own,” said Soneira.

The DisplayMate president seems a little bit disappointed with the bugs he found out in Google’s first generation of the Nexus series.

“The Nexus 7 actually has an LCD display that is similar in performance to the Kindle Fire HD, but a poor (and sloppy) factory calibration has degraded its native panel performance. Depending on the display firmware, this may or may not be correctable with a software update,” said Soniera, who also noticed the bug that caused erratic variation in screen brightness on Nexus 7. Still,  it still  presents a better Color Gamut than any other tab.

Meanwhile, Soniera has nothing to say but good feedbacks on Kindle Fire HD, which he believes could give iPad 2 a run for its money in the tablet market.

“second generation of 7-inch Tablets has resulted in impressive improvements in display quality, now rivaling the top performing and most expensive large format tablets, including the new iPad,” said Soniera.

Via: Cnet