Kickstarter Funded GameStick Releases E3 Trailer



It’s always nice to see mobile related tech at E3, and it looks like GameStick is going to be one of the bunch that fall into that category.

Whilst the spotlight at this year’s E3 will no doubt be on Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One, PlayJam has still managed to gather a considerate amount of attention towards their new GameStick trailer that has been conveniently placed just ahead of E3.

The trailer shows a young man and woman as they both sneak into into a cinema screening room to plug their GameStick into the big screen and play together.

The trailer certainly portrays the capabilities of the device, and it looks like after their great success on Kickstarter, the GameStick may have a chance of becoming even more of a hit.

The GameStick is a device that has the capabilities of a mobile gaming device, similarly to Ouya, but is much more portable as the hardware is encased in a USB stick which can be neatly stacked into the GameStick controller.


Source: Droid-life