Judge Clears The Way For Sprint & C-Spire To Sue AT&T

U.S. District Court Judge, Ellen Huvelle has agreed to allow both Sprint and C-Spire to move forward with their lawsuits against AT&T to block the $39 billion dollar proposed merger between AT&T and T-Mobile.  AT&T had originally sought to have those suits dismissed.

Huvelle is allowing Sprint to move forward with their injury claims about the effect the proposed deal would have on the market for wireless devices.  Huvelle is also allowing C-Spire’s suit for injury claims about the effect the deal would have on roaming services.

Sprint’s suit that alleges the merger would effect their competitive practices in regards to the spectrum they need to serve their customers was dismissed. Huvelle also dismissed Sprint’s charges that the merger would hurt the market for backhaul services. On both counts Huvelle said that Sprint’s theory was not sufficiently supported.

AT&T’s Senior Executive Vice President and General Counsel said “We believe the limited, minor claims they have left are entirely without merit,”

source: Reuters via Phonescoop