Isis Mobile Wallet Launch Gets Delayed

The launch of the Isis mobile wallet system, which was scheduled this summer, was postponed. According to Jaymee Johnson, the company’s head of the marketing department, the launch has been moved to September 21. Johnson also revealed that the delay was not due to a single factor, but by their decision to put the final touches on enhancing user experience. In Johnson’s own words during an interview with FierceMobileContent, ”It’s really more of a commitment from an end-to-end customer experience to make sure all elements of that process are working well.”

Johnson was referring to the whole process of consumers purchasing a phone that features Near Field Communication to the consumer acquiring the app, and finally, using the app on the phone to make payments in a store.

Essentially, Isis enables consumers to use a phone that supports Near Field Communication to purchase items, and use coupons or loyalty cards. The mobile payment system is backed up by three large carriers in the United States: Verizon Wireless, AT&T Mobility, and T-Mobile USA. Apart from these, it is getting great support as well from credit card companies, and merchants. The three companies first made mention of the service in 2010. Among its partners are American Express, Barclaycard, Capital One, Ingenico, ViVOtech, Equinox Payments, and Ingenico. Meanwhile, other handset manufacturers have announced that they are releasing devices that may use the Isis mobile payment system. These include Samsung, Research in Motion, Motorola Mobility, HTC, LG, and Sony.

Isis guarantees its consumers of security that is allegedly even better than regular wallets. In the instance of phone loss, consumers can request carriers to access their mobile wallet remotely and remove its contents. Furthermore, one’s wallet secured by a PIN, and the consumer’s personal information may not be accessed from the mobile wallet itself.

Meanwhile, the recently-launched iPhone 5 was revealed to be without a Near Field Communication capability. Said phone was expected to have been a great assistance in encouraging more people to use mobile payments. All hope, however, is not lost, as Isis is said to be developing a sleeve that will introduce an NFC chip to the device.

via fiercemobilecontent