ISeeYou Brings SIII’s Much Coveted Smart Stay Feature To Your Android Device

Feel jealous of people who would be walking away with Samsung Galaxy SIII, tapping away all those amazing features which your Android phone is void of? The feature which most droid guys crave for is the ability to keep the screen on, while having a look at it. It’s so annoying when you are browsing through a webpage or reading a book and the screen goes off.  

Well, it seems someone heard their prayers.

We are familiar with the Smart Stay feature provided in the Samsung Galaxy SIII, which prevents your device from going to sleep while you are looking at the screen. It does so by detecting your face through the front facing camera and prevents your screen from going off. When Samsung announced this upgrade, it looked like it would be rolled out in ROMs. However, no longer is the need to wait for that heavenly update.

An app named ISeeYou has been launched into the PlayStore which brings SIII’s much coveted Smart Stay feature to your Android device.  It is available in two versions- FREE and PAID. The paid one is available for 0.99$. The only difference between the two is that the paid version allows you to alter the scan interval and the time-duration for which the camera will search for your face.

The app basically works the following way. If you set the screen timeout to 60 seconds and the scan interval to 55 seconds, the app would scan for your face every 5 seconds in a minute. If it detects any face, it would prevent the phone from going to sleep.

Though there are concerns that this app might be a potential battery drainer, concrete evidences supporting that are yet to be derived. As of now, this app makes you happy by providing the amazing Galaxy SIII feature to your Android phone.

You can download the FREE version of this app, here.

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