Is Amazon Getting Into The S-Pen Business?

Amazon’s Kindle Fire was a break away success. During the fourth quarter of 2011 analysts have estimated that Amazon sold between 4 and 6 million Kindle Fire tablets. The Kind Fire, of course, runs on a customized version of Android.

Amazon has filed a new patent that looks like they may be getting into the digital pen market ala the Samsung S-Pen or the HTC Scribe.

The patents, uncovered today by Engadget, are actually rather extensive. The first patent pertains to a stylus or digital pen. It covers the input device and then execute code based on interaction with the content displayed on device. Think signing e-documents or marking up text and identifying by writer.

The other patent is rather broad and involves a method to store and transmit “annotations”

While many thought the stylus was dead, both HTC and Samsung have released devices this year, not with styli but with digital pens that allow apps to interact with the digital pen whereas a stylus, for the most part, is just a pointing device.

There’s no guarantee that Amazon will actually implement this technology, but knowing they’ve patented the technology we can only wonder if we’ll see an Amazon Pen on the next round of Kindle Fires.

source: Phonearena