iPhones And Android Smartphones From Samsung To Get Pentagon Clearance


The use of iPhones and Android smartphones used to be frowned upon inside the Pentagon. The disapproval of the officials there of the two powerful devices is due to the security risks that the users of the devices may bring about. It should be noted though that they have always allowed BlackBerry inside the agency.

A Change of Heart

After a recent meeting between the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) and Samsung executives plus security and technology experts from various organizations worldwide, the government finally had a change of heart about the technology offered by the tech giant, including Apple. Through BC Cho, head of Samsung’s new enterprise unit, the company explained to the various representatives how it could benefit consumers as well as military personnel working in the field. Cho highlighted his company’s upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 rugged version to set his point.


Among the advantages that Cho pointed out is the resiliency of their upcoming unit which is capable of handling wet and dusty environmental conditions. He said that the durability of their upcoming device is ideal for people working outside their offices. Then, the functionality of their Android smartphones will provide a smooth communication between the command post and field operatives.

Company Advantage

Let it be clear though that an approval in the Pentagon does not necessarily translate to huge sales. But Samsung stated that the endorsement of security agencies of their Android devices would result to security conscious companies like banks and other businesses to patronize their products too.


The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), the agency that reviews commercially made devices that are used by the Pentagon, is set to decide on the matter this mid May. But it should have certain modifications in order to be allowed inside the facility like the Knox Security software. On the other hand, DISA is expected to approve Apple devices carrying the latest operating system, which is the iOS 6, this early part of May. However, the use of iPhone and Android smartphones are only limited to non-classified conversations like personally sending emails and browsing the web.

Source: Wall Street