iPhone 5s vs Galaxy Note 3 vs LG G2 vs Sony Xperia Z1 – Benchmark Comparison, Take One

If it’s not obvious already, you’re on an Android blog. And you’re reading the words of a relentless, unapologetic (wink, wink) Android aficionado. But that doesn’t mean I, as well as everyone here at The Droid Guy, don’t like to keep an open mind and just discard everything that doesn’t run Google’s silky smooth mobile OS.


So as hard as it might be for you to believe, I’m willing to give Apple’s new iPhone 5s a chance to divert my attention away from such jewels as Samsung’s Galaxy S4 and Note 3, LG’s G2 or Sony’s Xperia Z Ultra and Z1.

Sure, their newest best thing is tiny, sports a display that’s crammed and low-res and a rear-facing camera that on paper can’t hold a candle to Z1’s stupendous 20 MP snapper. But maybe Apple’s seemingly gimmicky 64-bit A7 CPU can turn things around for the iPhone 5S and make it such a powerhouse that all the flaws will pale in comparison.

Still, with the new iPhone only available for a few days and the GNote 3 or Xperia Z1 mostly unavailable around the world, we’ll have to give it some extra time until thorough enough reviews and benchmark tests will be performed to prove beyond the shadow of a doubt which of the three is the numero uno smartphone out there in terms of raw speed.


For now, we’ll have to settle with just bits and pieces, which are very important, mind you, but not 100% conclusive. Here goes the first part of the iPhone 5s vs Note 3 vs Xperia Z1 vs LG G2 ultimate benchmark smackdown.

SunSpider (lower is better)

iPhone 5S: 416 milliseconds

Galaxy Note 3: 650 ms

Xperia Z1: 830

LG G2: 900


In lack of iPhone 5s scores in popular benchmarking tools such as AnTuTu, Vellamo or Quadrant, we have to start the festivities with SunSpider, a test of browsing muscle. Probably unsurprising, Apple’s big guy puts one in the win column quite comfortably here, due to both its road-opening (we can’t deny them that) 64-bit processor and very particular software optimizations.

While the LG G2 and Xperia Z1 are clearly no competition for the 5s, we have to underline Note 3’s score came by way of a pre-release prototype’s test, meaning the commercial unit will likely get much closer to the iPhone. Then again, it’s unlikely to beat it, so point Apple.

Geekbench 3.0

Xperia Z1: 2,800 points

iPhone 5s: 2,500

LG G2: 2,100

Galaxy S4 Octa: 2,000

Sony Xperia Z1

Well, well, well, guess what, not all browser benchmarks are so kind to the new iPhone. Granted, the 2,500 score is pretty darn impressive, but since Geekbench theoretically relies more than anything on CPU performance, it should be pretty disappointing (for them, certainly not for us) to see Z1’s Snapdragon 800, a 32-bit SoC, kick A7’s ass. And by so much!

Meanwhile, the GNote 3 is yet to be taken through the Geekbench hoops, so I took the liberty to add the octa-core variant of the GS4 in the mix for comparison purposes. And true, this thing has nothing on the 5s. But a 500-point edge for a device released six months after its adversary is certainly not that remarkable, is it?

GFXBench 2.7 T-Rex HD offscreen and onscreen

iPhone 5s: 24.7 Fps and 37.4

Galaxy S4 LTE-A: 26.4 Fps and 26.5

Xperia Z1: 22.9 Fps and 24.1

LG G2: 21.8 Fps and 23.0

iPhone 5s GFX

The iPhone 5s takes this battle and is now two for three, which we have to admit is a very nice record. But it’s also not a conclusive one, since the Note 3 is once again missing the battle. Meanwhile, the LTE-Advanced flavor of the Galaxy S4 actually puts up a decent fight against the 5s, defeating it in the off-screen chapter of this very thorough GPU benchmark test, but being subsequently put to shame onscreen.

What does that tell us? Intriguingly, that the biggest iPhone 5s selling point in the performance department might not be the CPU after all, but instead the graphics processing unit. Or so it seems.

3DMark Unlimited – Ice Storm

Galaxy S4 LTE-A – 17,000 points

Xperia Z1 – 16,800

LG G2 – 15,400

iPhone 5s – 14,000


Now this is embarrassing. And I won’t even try to contain or hide my delight. How could I? I mean, the iPhone 5s came dead last in a competition based on a very meticulous and trustworthy test, which essentially measures how the CPU and GPU work together towards an only goal.

And once again, the Note 3 is yet to have its performance tested. Can you imagine how much Samsung’s 5.7-incher will change the ranks both here and in Geekbench and GFX Bench? I can and I tell you, it won’t look pretty for Apple.

But let’s back up for a second and look at the Ice Storm scores one more time. Something there that draws your attention? A shocker, maybe? Well, yeah, the Korean-only LTE-A GS4 comes out on top, defeating Apple’s “big” guy by an incredible margin of 3,000 points. With the risk of repeating myself, that… is… really… embarrassing.

Early conclusions

That’s a wrap, kind gentlemen and lovely ladies, but be sure to look through the source links below for more benchmarks, mostly starring the iPhone 5s. And remember, all the above is just a sample of the much too complex and complicated smackdown between the best smartphones of today.


Also, it’s too early for verdicts. Granted, the 5s looks mighty strong from a number of standpoints. But at the same time, given all that 64-bit hoopla, the world expected more. Did you? Is anyone really, truly, seriously considering jumping ship from Android to iOS? And if so, are you sure you don’t need a checkup?

Sources: Anandtech, Gizmodo, GFX Bench, Appadvice, PC Mag, YouTube, Tbreak, GSM Arena

40 Replies to “iPhone 5s vs Galaxy Note 3 vs LG G2 vs Sony Xperia Z1 – Benchmark Comparison, Take One”

  1. Read this, and tell me who’s dirty in bencmarkings.
    anandtech.com/show/7384/state-of-cheating-in-android-benchmarks. If you still don’t want to believe, what I said in the very beginning, then it is your problem. Just accept it. Well atleast my new xperia z1 is not included there. 😀

  2. You see, now you’re just taking things out of context to make me look bad. I did say “the world expected more” from the first 64-bit CPU, but my idea as a whole was that “the 5s looks mighty strong from a number of standpoints. But at the same time, given all that 64-bit hoopla, the world expected more.” iPhone demise? Hardly.

  3. I didn’t mean that. I could’ve pointed you here for that https://www.anandtech.com/show/7335/the-iphone-5s-review/12
    It may not be brilliant, but it’s pretty nice anyways. So, by comparison, don’t counter with how “awesome” the S4’s screen is, because it isn’t.

    Can you also explain how “the world expected more” from the 64-bit jump? Just because the SHV-E330 beat the 5S in Ice Storm doesn’t mean MSM8974 is a better SoC.

    I’m not an Apple fanboy; I’ve been with Android since 2009, but I’m just wondering how you came to the conclusion that the performance of the above phones brings about the demise of the iPhone.

  4. Are you being serious right now? GFX Bench measures GPU performance, not screen performance. There’s so much more to a brilliant panel than the way it displays images in these kinds of tests. You know, things like color reproduction, brightness, contrast, viewing angles, viewing angles. Oh, and also, viewing angles.

  5. …that’s not what he’s talking about. Don’t tell me you’re such a biased Sammy that you don’t know about the S4 specifically clocking SGX544MP3 up to 533mHz in only benchmarking and stays at 480mHz even for games.

    About the screens, the 5S still performs better than Adreno 330 and SGX544MP3 in the 1080p offscreen test in GLB. What’s your point?

  6. The moral of the story here is that both Qualcomm and ARM need to work on architecture. I know this is plenty overused, but the Intel vs. AMD argument is a reasonable comparison here; after so many years, Intel has gotten comfortable with x86, which has netted amazing performance gains every generation with low power consumption. On the other hand, AMD has been racing to beat itself at the GHz game that no one else plays.

    The result? AMD’s 5GHz FX9590 can’t beat the trusty i7-3930K at stock speeds. I’m starting to see the same trend here. Even when the S800 triumphs in the fact that it breaks the 2GHz barrier for the first time (on an ARM chip only, don’t forget Medfield), A7 completely dominates the charts with a seemingly humble 1.3GHz dual-core. That says something about their new Swift/A57 based Cyclone architecture. Anand has the analysis covered. Intel Medfield gave the Cortex-A9 a run for its money on a single x86 core (along with one logical core as part of HT), Cyclone is giving Cortex-A15 a similar run for its money.

    “But at the same time, given all that 64-bit hoopla, the world expected more.” What could you possibly expect more from Apple? You would get the same relative performance out of a x86-64 Pentium Duo wouldn’t you (that is, in a market full of Core 2 Solos)? The fact that it’s 64-bit doesn’t matter. The fact that Cyclone completely whipped Krait and Cortex-A the same way that Medfield whipped Cortex-A9 when Intel pushed out the Razr i, now that says something about architecture. Not so much about how bad Krait is (it is a very well done product), but about how much ARM-licensed manufacturers such as Qualcomm need to improve their respective architectures.

  7. A jailbroken iphone is not the best phone, even after being jailbroken it still lacks many features in other phones. Then get a rooted Android device and there is no comparison what so ever.

  8. Hmmm 64 bit. Installing, running -this includes saved data, updates -will the phone needs more storage and ram? Bet most devs updating to 64bit but when will be d release date, next year? Iphone 5 & 5C will be phased out in support of 64bit apps means no updates. Who suffers? Apple knows companies are making 64bit chips since before i5S release. Apple released it ahead obviously as gimmik cuz new phone has less added features and the thought of they will be copied by others or some of us consumers may think.

    Z1 beats iPhone 5S on geekbench 3 fact from few sites.

  9. I think that the fact dual core 1.3Ghz CPU with 1GB of RAM is equal or better than a 2.3Ghz Quadcore CPU with 2GB of RAM is really impressive, a win in both effeciency and performance. Consider me impressed by the 5S

  10. Wow assume much.
    The only people that are stupider that people buying for benchmarks are people assuming a android user is a iPhone fan boy.

    Either that or you’re replying to the wrong person. I think I’m going with replying to the wrong person.

  11. if you’re only buying a device because of a speed benchmark, you are truly a lost case anyway. A specific benchmarking test won’t simulate real life usage anyway. I’ve got a Galaxy s3 and I’ve had my phone perform better than ip4s, doing side by side tasks on break at my job. somethings the Iphone will do better (browser speed is the only advantage I see), most cases the Galaxy and HTC One are the best devices made as far as value for your dollar if you weigh and consider the options both give you. Either way, if Iphone makes you happy, get it. I had IP5 for a day on launch day, and returned it and decided to wait. I got frustrated fast just looking at icons and folders. So for the record, I’ve had windows phone, windows propietry system phones, iphone 5, a Palm my girlfriend had, a Galaxy S Captivate and the Galaxy S3. the Galaxy S3 is the best by far to date. and it’s time for an upgrade. Deal breakers for me: I have big hands, so I need big screen, customizing my phone, Air Gestures, SD Card slot better battery and freedom…guess im getting a Note 3. Get what u want, because your stuck with it for 2 years!

  12. Was it successful? Did that bother any manufacturer to change?? No. Apple announced and the market is now racing towards 64 bit

  13. Having gone though this in the computing world, the benefits of a 64 bit processor only appear when you have software written to take advantage of it (also it effectively cuts your RAM in half). So on the one hand the 5s has more untapped potential than was seen here, but on the other it’s a single iPhone out of what we can probably call 5 current iPhone models (4, 4s, 5c, 5, 5s) where the other 4 use 32 bit architecture, and I didn’t even count the various iPad models. The majority of iOS developers are unlikely to optimize for 64 bit anytime soon.

  14. the reason it’s smooth is because it doesn’t do anything else but sit there. no widgets or screen customization. just folders and icons. no moveable/live wallpapers either. and Lord knows you better not use Apple maps….you will be a completely lost sheep lol

  15. Well here’s a fact for you. You cannot overclock a iphone, but you can overclock a Android device and set it to run there permanently! And you can set your own voltage so it gets the same or better battery life. If you missed the point, it’s called Super User controls = you are the administrator/controller of your device. It’s part of the freedom and customization options you get by living in the android ecosystem. Along with being able to get apps from 3-4 different sources and not ONLY ITUNES like Apple or maybe the internet if you jailbreak your iphone ….lol

  16. not really, for android all Google needs to do is update the runtime to support 64bit, apple needs to convert every single app. A major benefit with using emulation.

  17. 64 bit is coming. While it’s pretty much just a “mine is bigger than yours” argument for Apple right now it turns out that devs can very soon start working on 64 bit versions of their apps. The transition will go smooth for Apple while the transition for Android will be slow and clunky.

  18. samsung overclocks only while benchmarking??how does the mobile knows that the user is running a benchmarking app and i need to overclock the CPU??does it happen??come on…its the own cpu processing power at default speed….
    that’s not the reason why iphones are smooth.its because of their simple iOS design.

  19. Why not reading my past comments about having ip5,ip5s and gs4 here. >.< And I see, you don't even know the image gallery in iPhone right? iPhone also uses multiple rows. This is enough. You don't know about iPhone, it's nonsense talking with someone who doesn't know both phones.

  20. I do not think so, every Samsung galaxy users get the exact benchmark scores when they use it unless, they didn’t clean up the memory or test the benchmark while they are charging a phone and same thing applies to iphones also LOL. iphone chick size is a total failure and if you wanna know ip6 features,why don’t you use SGS4? cos it will be like you will get them in advance,let me tell you that ip6 will have bigger than current chick size screen,higher resolution, barometer, thermometer, NFC, camera features like dual shots, shoot a picture while taking videos,(FYI:slow motion for andriod is availible way years ago,even in 720pHD with 1/8,1/4 speed etc), higher mega pixel camera, not to mention apple map is a total flops till today, though with the updated UI. LOL..please justified yourself.

  21. Well it was in seperate folders of around 500 to 600 images in one folder, the difference is iOS allow you to browse only one image at a time no matter how fast you swype(very limited in usability in iOS),but in Android, it will show you by multiple rows of photos depend on how fast you swype ok. Then one more thing,most Android powered phones’ images provide more details so it has a little bit larger size compared to tiny size of iphones’,but it only takes less than a sec to show you all the pictures(so I do call it a lag),unless you are using a 3-year old Android phone LOL. Dude,are you sure you have even used the Android phones? cos sounds pretty rediculous to me about your usage where normal users can comprehend it. Even iphones users are getting wrong idea of Android,as they have never used it and totalyl clueless about it,if they have given it a try,they never go back to iOS,no matter how hype apple advertise them. I personally do not support the evil company for their bad deeds,like ebook cheating,tax evasion and china factory case,however, iphone and tablet are their last breath, as their mac laptops and desktops are totally hopeless. So,up to you and choose what suits you best bdudy.

  22. Have you red my comments? Are your photos in one folder and when you try to scroll very fast on that 1.5k photos it doesn’t lag? If your 1.5k photos is in different folders, then stop faking yourself.

  23. Just remember a jailbroken iPhone is the best smartphone even iPhone itself can’t compete with this when it comes to customization and it doesn’t lag a bit.

    How? If you only have few photos in one folder in Gs4, why not try put 700+ photos in one folder in GS4 and also with ip5 and try scrolling them fast in both time. You can’t really tell the laggyness of Gs4 compared to ip5 if you don’t have the both phones, like I do. I use smartphones for storing my multimedia works like video and digital arts, that’s why the screen performance of the phone really matters for me because I got used to iphones smoothness and the ppi difference between ip5 and gs4 not really matters for me, unless, like I said before if you’re a kind of guy that uses his phone 1inch far from your eyes to feel the superb ppi then go for GS4, lol.

    Anyone, if you only have android phones and you are only basing in the specs and benchmarks, please please don’t comment :(, we have iP5,iP5s and Gs4 here and I know the real life difference. Now, excuse me and I’ll be buying my new xperia z1. 😀

  24. The UI of android is bit laggy and to overcome that lagginess,droid makers put up some big hardware to it.
    Android is for the people who loves customization and like experience a new look every time.because of this customization(all widgets,other stuff),it lags sometimes,just sometimes.
    In apple,due to the lack of customization,it looks simple and no big works to do in maintaining the UI.so it doesn’t lag.
    And you said GS4 was laggy when scrolling or operating on photos.how can it lag??I have Samsung Galaxy SII ,even it doesn’t lag while opening or editing any pic.

    To explain you clearly,pixel no. and resolution doesn’t only matter when playing games or in benchmarks,it also matter in your daily usage.when you open a photo or play any video,it has to manage that many number of pixels.

  25. I’m not talking about the screen display. What is your problem? All I’ve said is about performance. Please read my comment properly. And in real life, I have ip5, my mother have GS4, and my bro just bought his ip5s. even without benchmarks, I can say that with performance, iphone wins. I don’t hate GS4 so don’t be bitter and give a fair judgement not because you’re a droid fan doesn’t mean you’ll always support android, that will make this blog worst.

    I tried putting over 700 photos in both ip5(not ip5s) and Gs4, and GS4 can’t handle the lag where iPhone 5 still smooth in screen swiping. Performance + apps, I prefer iPhone.

    Having a good display but the performance is not like what the benchmarks says, is useless. And you will only notice the ppi difference if you use your phone 1inch in front of your eyes which is lame.

    And again I’m not a apple lover, actually I will buy a Xperia Z1 this week. Just telling my experience in both phones.

  26. Guys he’s right this is the only artcle that put the 5s vs the new android flagships.

    Hope you will update the article with the note 3

  27. If you want to start that discussion, why not also talk about how Apple’s iPhones boast much lower-res screens than Android high-enders, which is why the GPU tests look better on the iPhone 5s? Whereas in real life, I think we all know how big of a difference the extra pixels and superior ppi of phones like Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One make.

  28. Samsung over-clocks the processor when in benchmarks, so the performance
    in benchmarks is something you will never get when using it. That’s why iPhone was always smooth than Android phones. You can tell it simply by swiping the screen especially when both phones have tons of photos.

  29. i saw lg g2 and other snapdragon 800 devices getting compared to the 5s .in some 5s wins and others the snapdragon 800 devices win. but int graphics 5s wins clearly.but there was no comparison with note 3

  30. Also, there are no “real graphs” because I didn’t perform any of the benchmarks. But you can find them in the source links and previous comparisons on The Droid Guy…

  31. That’s right, all other sites show the 5s blowing the competition away BECAUSE THEY ONLY COMPARE THE IPHONE WITH OLD ANDROID DEVICES SUCH AS SAMSUNG’S GALAXY S4 AND HTC’S ONE

  32. How about both since Macworld only pits the iPhone 5s against the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 and I add the Note 3, LG G2 and Sony Xperia Z1 in the mix? You know, given those three are the hottest, newest Androids around…

  33. no real graphs, jus showin d scores. all othr sites show the 5s blowing the compition away. wat a fake comparison MR droid…!!

  34. Hi, sorry but i saw another results in the web… why? in the other webs 5S kick the other smartphones in most of the tests…

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