iPhone 5S To Benefit From Qualcomm Chip


It looks like Apple no longer has to come up with different versions of the highly anticipated iPhone 5S. According to Expert Reviews, Qualcomm, the company responsible for the radio communication hardware in almost all Apple mobile devices, came out with a single chip to resolve the issue of different network standards. The announcement of Qualcomm paves the way for more rumors that we may actually be looking at a more powerful Apple iPhone as the launch date of the new device draws nearer.

The current iPhone 5, as with most mobile devices by other companies, have three versions to address the different standards adopted by countries for their mobile networks. This means that what works in your country may not exactly work in another when you travel. This is an issue that has always plagued the mobile industry. Although the Apple iPhone 5 can connect to the new Long Term Evolution (LTE) network in your home country, it may only connect to the 3G or2G network once you traveled to another nation.

It has always baffled the public why Apply couldn’t just go with what Nokia did with its Lumia 920, which can connect to a lot of 4G networks in the world compared to the iPhone 5. But Qualcomm’s announcement of the new chip might actually solve Apple’s problems with different networks.

Called the RF360 Front-End Solution, the new chip can connect to about eight mobile networks being used in the world. These mobile network standards are LTE-TDD, LTE-FDD, EVDO, WMCDA, CDMA, TD-SCDMA, EDGE and GSM. It covers virtually the entire range of 2G, 3G and 4G connectivity in various parts of the world.

Better than expected

Qualcomm’s new single-chip system may be more than just about connecting to eight different network standards. In fact, the company claims that the chip also has a power-saving capacity, which basically addresses another perennial problem for iPhone users—the battery power. If this is true, Qualcomm will hit two birds with one stone; and that is something that future iPhone 5S users may want to thank the company for.

Apple has yet to comment on whether or not it will use the new chip for the coming iPhone, although there is no reason for the company why it could not utilize a system that will solve two of its major problems. This single-chip system only means that for Apple, it would no longer have to manufacture three different versions of the iPhone 5S.

Source: Expert Reviews