iPhone 5 Leaked Screen Panel Backs Rumor Of 4 Inch Screen

As mentioned last week, there’s been iPhone 5 rumors circulating regarding a larger 4 inch screen that was first reported by the Wall Street Journal.  Today, that claim is further supported with these supposed leaked screen panels that are claimed to be meant for the new design of the iPod Touch.  If Apple plans on releasing a new generation iPod Touch, it would make sense for the iPhone 5 to have a similar, if not the same, body design.  The recent designs of the iPod Touch have very closely resembled the iPhone line.

These screen panels are measuring 4.1 inches diagonally according to the report.  That would be consistent with the earlier claim of a 3.95 inch viewable area.  Of course, these “leaked” images were taken without any comparable items in the photo to measure up.  Now with the rumors of the front panel out, I wonder if Tim Cook & Co can manage to get the iPhone even thinner.  The current iPod Touch model is considerably thinner than the iPhone 4s, so it’s conceivable that Apple can trim some fat in the iPhone 5 while retaining the sleek looking body and high performance.

It should be noted that the iPhone 5 enthusiasts should take these rumors with a grain of salt.  Apple has been fairly successful in keeping their pipeline secrets.  After all, the release of iPhone 4s was a shocker to the Apple rumorville since it was generally expected that the iPhone 5 would have been released at that time.  The new expectation is for the iPhone to be released later this year, with some hoping for an announcement as soon as the WWDC 2012 in June.  But with the productions reportedly just starting or barely underway, June is likely way too soon.  September appears to be a more plausible time frame.

Source: macrumors.com

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  1. These actually look like computer renders, not photos. Notice that if you place one image on top of the other they fit perfectly. This wouldn’t happen if the cover were lifted, reversed and set down. Plus the ambient occlusion and surface quality looks too perfect.

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