iPhone 5 Could Be Launched on September 21

One rumor about the iPhone 5 claims that the device is set for launching this coming September 21st. It originally came from an anonymous accessory manufacturer in China that asserted it had direct connections to the Cupertino company. Some immediately dismissed the speculation as many conflicting rumors regarding its launch have already cropped up. Yet recently, an employee at a large retailer in the United States suggested that the next iPhone would be launching on September 21st based on information that they have gotten. Moreover, the person claims that they, too, would be skeptical about the schedule if the same date had not been previously rumored.

Earlier rumors surrounding the unveiling of the next iteration of the iPhone pegged the launch to be around October or November. However, the late September rumor seems to be growing stronger.

Apple is purportedly introducing a redesigned iPhone this year. The device is expected to come with iOS 6 that features enhancements on Siri, Facetime capability on 3G or 4G connection, a Maps app, and a closer integration with Facebook. The iPhone 5 is also believed to sport a taller and thinner body that is 10mm more than the iPhone 4S in length and 2mm less in thickness. It could also carry a smaller dock connector with 19 pins instead of 30 pins, a thinner screen that merges the touch sensors and LCD on one layer, a camera positioned at the center instead of at one side, a quad-core A6 chip, support for 3G networks, interchangeable camera lenses, a High Definition front-facing camera, added RAM, and a 16:9 aspect ratio for its screen. It is also rumored to be compatible with a nano-SIM card and could be made out of Liquidmetal.

Apple has not confirmed any of these rumors, which have been circulating ever since the start of the year, and revealed by different sources. Apple’s silence along with the occasional leaked images all serve to fuel the excitement for this new device that could be a bigger achievement for Apple as compared to the iPhone 4S.

via phonearena