iPad Mini Design Detailed

Several sources have been saying that Apple is currently hard at work on a smaller version of their iPad. Even though Steve Jobs essentially has said that the 7 inch tablet market is obsolete, Apple has said that they were working on the “iPad Mini” set at around 7.85 inches. There hasn’t been anywhere as near as many leaks there have been for the next generation of the iPhone though. 9to5Mac has said that it has some very solid and accurate information regarding the design of the iPad mini. However, they suggest that it will look like an enlarged iPod touch, with smaller bezels compared to current iPads on the market. I thought we were getting a small iPad, not a bigger iPod?

95to5Mac has been suggesting that this may make the iPad a bit easier to hold due to the smaller size because users usually grip onto the bezels, but in this case they’ll grip onto the back of the tablet. Buttons on the iPad Mini will also be tweaked. The volume rocker will now be featuring seperate physical buttons rather than a combined rocker as you see on most tablets (are they going to patent that too?). A microphone (as most tablets have) will also be added to the back of the device for noise cancellation.

The thinner bezel of the iPad Mini has alluded to some alleged plans for the iPad Mini that were first spotted back sometime in July. The schematics corroborate has reported of the the thinner bezel and tweaked buttons that have come from numerous different sources. They also point to a much thinner design for the device compared to what it is now with the current generation iPad. Whether that’s a good idea or not, I don’t know. With the supposed new thinness of the new iPad some users had reported that it was overheating, a lot.In the drawings, the smaller dock connector that was rumored to be for the next iPhone is also seen with the drawings and will be going with all iOS devices and products as Apple goes forward.

John Gruber at Daring Fireball has verified some of these claims in addition to iMore, and suggests that the bezels will be noticeably reduced. Apple is definitely aiming for a much thinner device compared to what the current gen iPad is. Again, I’m not so sure that’s a good idea with the latest iPad’s overheating issues that were claimed to be because of the thinness. Apple has had to increase thickness just slightly for the iPad 2 in order to accommodate for it’s beautiful Retina display and larger battery. It is not confirmed if that decision will be made for the iPad mini though, Apple really does want a thinner and smaller device even though they were against it only months ago.

Hopefully we’ll be seeing more news on the upcoming device as things unfold. I assume that once the iPhone 5 releases Apple will be preparing to release a whole line of products in order to try and keep up with the growing Android phenomenon.

Will anyone be picking up an iPad mini on release day, or do you prefer your larger iPad? That, or you could be one of those people that just loves to have gadgets. Let us know in the comments!