iOS 7 Beta Bug in the Lockscreen Confirmed by Forbes Video Producer


The iOS 7 Beta was only revealed a couple of days ago. But one user already found a major vulnerability on Apple’s new mobile operating system. The bug was also confirmed by Forbes after imitating the procedures done by the discoverer.

The Discovery of the iOS 7 Beta Bug

According to Forbes, less than 48 hours after the launching of the Beta version of the iOS 7, a 36-year old iPhone user named Jose Rodriguez who lives in Tenerife made the discovery of the new operating system’s major flaw. In the video he sent to Forbes, he demonstrated how to bypass the lockscreen of the iOS 7 Beta in just seconds.

The Bypass Procedure

The bypass procedure involves opening the iOS Control Room first. This is followed by accessing the calculator app. Then, the camera can be opened to view, delete, email, upload or tweet the photos found in the device without the need of a passcode.

Confirmation by Forbes

The report said that Jonathan Hall, the video producer of Forbes, attempted to copy the trick using a locked phone to confirm if the same result can be achieved. With the same process, he was able to bypass the security of the device.

The Video

In the note of Rodriguez to Forbes, reading about how the bypass procedure is done may somewhat appear difficult. However, doing it is very easy, he added.

So, he sent this video to the news provider to demonstrate how easy it is to get over the lockscreen of the iOS 7 without the need of a passcode:

Majorly Buggy

The iOS 7 Beta can only be acquired by people with Apple developer accounts. So far, those who have used it described it as majorly buggy. Thus, the report said that Apple will likely patch the bugs before the official roll out of the iOS 7.

Source: Forbes