Intel pushing millions into the TV streaming project


New reports are suggesting Intel is pushing millions into the TV streaming project, officially announced by the company last year. The company is said to be in talks with all major cable companies and is offering high rates.

Intel is apparently offering 75% more than traditional cable rates and CBS, News Corp and Viacom are all on board for the streaming project, however Comcast NBC is still a little shaky.

This is for the startup process, Intel is willing to splash out immensely on licensing and other content deals to make the service big, but when the service gets popular they will downsize, as Netflix has done with their catalog.

We have not heard anything about original programming, from the startup Intel may be trying to push content everyone knows for the subscribers. However, if Netflix’s added growth has shown everything, it is people will stay on the service once their is something exclusive they cannot watch anywhere else.

Other reports suggest the Intel TV streaming project will not be a half-assed move and it will come at a premium price. Some estimate about $30 while others believe it could go to $70 for the experience.

This will be backed up by Intel’s illusive range of high quality content, ranging from all topics. The content will hopefully not be spiked, with one season missing or having to wait ages for the next season to roll out.

Source: Reuters