Intel Haswell chips may power next generation Chromebooks


Google’s Chrome OS has been a mixed bag of success, with Samsung’s netbook the top seller in the store for 300 days and other rumors saying Chrome OS has less than 1% of all the PC marketshare.

Despite questionable penetration in the market, more manufacturers are deciding to develop a Chromebook, with Samsung, Acer, HP and Lenovo all pitching in and creating their own cheap notebook running Chrome OS. Google has also made their own move, with the Chromebook Pixel.

Intel may be preparing to launch their own Chromebook’s for the next generation – providing more power and longer battery life. We are not sure if Intel will reveal a line of Chromebook’s built by other partners or show their own, either way, they will be the first to run on Intel chips.

Intel Haswell chips are all about saving battery life and graphical performance, with Chromebook’s typically not stepping over the 8 hour threshold, this could be a big attempt to make an all day laptop running Chrome OS.

Prices are variable but we usually see Chromebook’s on sale for about $250 to 450, excluding the Pixel, currently being sold at $1200. We believe Intel Chromebook’s will cost a little more than the average and may come with better internals.

The Chromebook’s are expected to be launched at Intel Developer Forum this week. The company is set to also make some new announcements about next generation processors and Windows 8.