Intel chips for entry-level tablets to arrive in Q1 2014

Intel chips for entry-level tablets will be available in the coming year, according to a new report from Taiwanese supply chain sources. This information is indicated in the company’s roadmap, which says that its new chip series will be present in tablets as early as the first quarter of 2014.

Intel chips for entry-level tablets
Intel chips for entry-level tablets

7-inch tablets with prices between US$99-129 are expected to pack the Bay Trail Z3735D series. 7- and 8-inch tablets with prices around US$149-199 will also feature said chip.

These figures are consistent with the statement of Intel CEO Brian Krzanich who said last month that Android tablets with Intel chipsets could be priced as low as $150. Krzanich, who also announced the impending arrival of the Bay Trail processors, emphasized to the company’s investors that tablets with Intel chips would cost significantly less than the Apple iPad.

Meanwhile, Bay Trail and Cherry Trail chips will be present in 8- to 10-inch tablets that cost between US199-249, as well as 10-inchers which have prices above US$249.

Cherry Trail will not be unveiled until September of next year, however. According to Intel, this will be based on 14nm Airmont architecture, and will be able to support both Android and Windows 8 and 8.1.

Another upcoming Intel chip to support Android is Willow Trail, which will be based on 14nm Goldmont architecture. This chip will be available during the fourth quarter of next year.

Intel continues to aim getting its chip on more Android smartphones, as well. In the first quarter and third quarter of 2014, the company will release Merrifield and Moorefield. These chips may be used on smartphones as well as tablets, says Intel.

With this new lineup, Intel seems determined to take control of the market, from the low-end up to the high-end segments.

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